Where I want to be

So a few days ago I started to think about where I want to be with my career. I know I like writing code. I don’t know much else (kinda sad). I want to work with a company where I get to write cool code and do something positive at the same time. Be able to give back to others who may not have all the chances I have been given. I want to do good things with the code I write. I don’t feel I should charge people to write the code that is freely available for anyone else out there to write, just cause I know how to doesn’t make me feel like I should charge to do it. I like giving away the code I write, I like having other people critique my code, I like learning more about what I do and being able to share it with other people. So I’ve become a mozilla rep and am going to start to share my knowledge with other people and help them grow in this odd work of the internet. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to get together to talk about future projects or fun stuff you/I have been working on. Thanks for reading