I digress

So I wanted to take a second to talk about something other than code, development or anything geeky. With the shootings going on in multiple places now (Connecticut, Washington and California), I wanted to just say a few of my thoughts about it. Life is very short. I’m 28 years old and I already know this. The only reason I know this is because I now have my own little girl growing up way to fast (almost 2). We take every day for granted, we don’t do what we want to do but what society thinks we should be doing. Take an extra second to be nice, I never do this so I’m a hypocrite but thats ok, I’m going to be better about it. Make sure you let the people around you know that you appreciate them, tell them you love them more than you would normally. To be honest I don’t think I let people know often enough how much they mean to me. -Rant Done-